You know February is a month with a big heart in the middle of it – and at Heritage Salvage we try to practice that Big Heart all year round! We call it our LOC, or Line of Credit and it goes just like our sign this month

Now in the essence of the Art in the heART of salvage, that is something we love to practice too – LOVE makes the world go round and Cashflow makes it easier. I love what i do and i love my crew – a guy could not ask for a more caring and attentive group of artists – from our woodworkers, metal workers, sales and design staff to all our managers, We are blessed with a lot of great clients and we are now in over 100 restaurants and counting!

Come on by and have a walkabout and share your love and Passion with us – we love seeing what other folks do too! The rains have necessitated a lot of used billboards covering our stacks of sticks but we are still busy making, milling, designing and laughing . . .  and remeber folks – we are all in this together, one big round ball and everything is interconnected! Share your love, smile often and laugh more.

With Love from Heritage Salvage!