After running in to John Dillinger in Hammond Ohio it is fitting i bump in to Al Capone

The Speakeasy in Bucyrus, Ohio is the underground location where famous Mob Boss Al Capone and his cronies were known to hangout while in town. The hotel was built in 1916 and was named the Highway Hotel. During the 1920’s it was a popular spot for gangsters traveling from Chicago to New York and return trip. At that time there were tunnels under the city of Bucyrus and the tunnel in our Speak Easy still exists. Known today by the locals as the Notel Motel, it is beside the Crazy Fox Saloon as depicted in this Mandy Tudor shot!



This is the Lobby today




Bucyrus was founded by Samuel Norton. He arrived in this region in 1817. At that time, the area was unpopulated and occupied by a hardwood forest. The community was platted by Col. James Kilbourne, who named the town “Bucyrus.” The name of the city was derived from two words – “Bu” meaning “Beautiful,” and “Cyrus” in honor of the King of Persia, Cyrus the Great.


This one below is just outside of town and they are making it in to an event facility




And this is one of my favorite Gas Stations


All over the midwest there are ancient Graveyards that compel one to stop and immerse oneself in the history!


Rianna, my fellow Leafer poses on the newer side and across the street we wondered at this huge pile of ancient tablets and markers all broken over the years





I guess Molly’s Family have all moved on and are not aware of this broken piece of ancient memories and wishes!