Through West Virginia and the backroads it seems you can still feel all the guns and soldiers and battles of the Civil War. Beneath the Tranquility of my hike through Cheat Summit lays the spent lead and powder burns of many battles! IMG_6020

The Names of Robert E Lee, Col Albert Rust and many more echo through the Woods



Meanwhile the Leafers roll through the hills of West Virginia gaping at mile after mile of Autumns Watercolors

IMG_6041 IMG_6002 IMG_6051 IMG_5997

And at the end of an amazing Meander through beautiful countryside i park myself in the 111 year old Highland inn and wander through the tiny town of Monterey Virginia although “one of my political bent” avoids Politics in the Taverns as there are many a Confederate Flag a flying!

IMG_6067 IMG_6072

Now off to Charlotte NC but somehow i locked my keys in the car at the gas station and this mighty fine sherrif took care of me just fine!G0100226 G0100228now i am off to Charlotte with my go pro flyin!