As you may know the Bugster and Heritage Salvage have had an amazing relationship with Lagunitas Brewing Company and it continues to this day, 20 years later! After Hammond Indiana i returned to Lagunitas Chicago to grab some swag for my peeps and Dr Cerveza, Ron Lindenbush said the gang would throw in a few Road beers – Here is the Marvelous Ryan Dickerson taking care of me in the Swag Shop – she is so hip! And Jacks beautiful Cabinetry is done with Heritage Salvage Shiplap shipped from our Wisconsin warehouse!


This is the entry way Events Counter methinks . . . more shiplap from our Wisconsin warehouse – and then Wainscotting everywhere – the work is spectacular, nice job guys!







IMG_5910 IMG_5912





Here is the overview of the grand lounge, i will be back for a more extensive tour before i come home – great job, great design

way to go Tony and crew!



Meanwhile . . . Ron said a few road beers, this a plenty good few! i am out spreading the Lagu Love in the Midwest!


next – Heritage Salvage and Lagu hit Ohio!