Maple Flooring SOLD OUT!


Our windfall maple flooring is brought to you from Wisconsin in varied width T&G, End Matched, Relieved and ready to lay. An added bonus is the majority of these flooring packages are offered in long lengths. (8-9 ft) Color and tone has been said to be similar to Olive wood.

This maple flooring is unique in its origins.  There has been a blight that is affecting Maple Forests in Western Wisconsin. Reasons for the blight range from Leaf Scorch, Armillaria root rot (Honey Mushroom), Verticillium wilt, White Rot and Brown Rot. White rot actually leads to the delightful patterns we know as spalting.

All these weaken the Maple trees inviting wood borers. Although the windfall or blowdown trees were originally slated for firewood a few enterprising loggers noticed the beautiful colorations in the wood. The cure for this cellulose degradation is to mill it in to planks ASAP and dry kiln the wood which kills all the pathogens. Some of the planks still have the original hole bored for the sugar collection.

While we are sad to report on the maladies facing these beautiful trees, we are happy to be part of the reclamation process that allows these trees to continue to share their beauty.  Reclaimed windfall maple flooring is now available to add character, warmth and splendor to your home, bar, restaurant or commercial space.

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