West Petaluma Home

This sweet home is a beautiful example of how to add rustic elements to warm up the space. We used reclaimed old growth fir floor joist from a hops warehouse for the stair treads in the Main stair well. For the back stair well we used newly milled windfall fir from a bone yard at Nu Forest (a sustainable mill that use to be in Healdsberg California). A pecan slab with a unique steel base for a console table. A piece of the Pecan was used for a little shelf held up by some of our custom brackets. Our Newly Milled 5″ Shiplap from grain elevators can be found in all the bedrooms. Also from the Hops Warehouse we had a Beautiful Fire Door that was used by the home owners as a door to their home office. They had a local Steel Fabricator customize the doorway to look like something you would find in Fort Knox. Other elements from our yard were creatively used in their home such as window weights strung from the ceiling over the kitchen. A redwood beam and custom brackets made from water and wine tank banding that hang over old iron radiators also found in our yard. We all had fun being part of this home improvement.

Heritage Salvage residential project petaluma house 24

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