• Parota

    Various finishes on Parota heart wood.

  • Parota with a satin polyurethane finish.

Parota, the national tree of costa rica, is a fast growing flowering tree in the pea family. Also known as Guanacaste or Elephant ear tree, Parota is highly sustainable in the fact that it grows so rapidly, with trunks reaching over a 9′ diameter and branches reaching up to 5′ diameter. Parota is a gorgeous hardwood exotic species that looks a lot like darker varieties of Acacia, Monkey-pod and is even often mistaken for Koa. Parota is also known to be easier to work with than the acacia family and water resistant. Come on in today to take a look at our beautiful new selection!

These slabs are all 3″ thick, pre-sanded to 120 grit, and pre-filled with a clear epoxy. Prices start at $25 per board foot. Slabs start at 6′ and range all the way up to 16′.



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