$8 / Per Board Foot.

Originally from Pennsylvania, this entire barn’s worth of Hand Hewn beams have been sitting in Petaluma waiting for us to come to the rescue. This load was particularly unusual in that a lot of the beams were rectangular, making them ideal for a new mantelpiece. Generally these old beams come in square due to the process of squaring them up with an old hand axe or adz.


We believe this whole barn to be built from White Oak, a wonderful hardwood that can be used for all sorts of purposes indoor and out. We are asking $8 per board foot for this material.


We’ve got all sorts of shapes and sizes in this load. Some feature double mortise and tenons, peg and shoulder joints and of course a wonderful hand hewn surface. These are perfect for a mantelpiece or doing a whole exposed beam ceiling in your house. Come on in and take a look today!