1.5″ x 11″ Reclaimed Douglas Fir surfaced in the 30’s.

This warehouse was originally over a half mile long, and ran parallel to the Pampa Pond train tracks in Whitman County, Washington; near LaCrosse, WA. The warehouse was originally used for storing grain in sacks in the early 40’s. Fire broke out and destroyed a large portion of the warehouses. After the fire, the warehouse was converted into a dancehall and many a mean party was thrown in this old building until it was torn down and salvaged just a few years ago.

We have many shapes and sizes of old Reclaimed Douglas Fir from this building, namely 1.5″ x 11″ fir in 14′ up to 16′ lengths originally used as the floor boards, danced on for many years.

This material is perfect for your next table top, shelving, or any wide plank project you can imagine.

This is a sample of the 2″x11″, lightly sanded with satin polyurethane.

 This is a sample of 2″x11″ that’s been lightly sanded and coated with dead flat.

Material starts at $4.50 per board foot, or $6.20 per lineal foot.