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We have the locker room doors from the Presidio Golf Club, 1897 with storied history and Joe DiMaggio among its Members – many possibilities.

In 1776 the presidio was a Spanish Garrison
In 1846 the Bear Flag Revolt led by Lt. John C Fremont took over the Presidio and stationed the US Army there.
In 1895 the US Army gave a group of civilians permission to build a nine hole golf course
1897 the Tudor-style clubhouse was built and it remains in use today
1906 the Presidio became a tented camp for the earthquake refugees
1908 the secretary of war notifies the Presidio Golf Club that its members may use the course “so long as the same does not interfere with the military”
1954 Joe DiMaggio is a member when he marries Marilyn Monroe
2015 – Bug drives in to the Presidio and rescues 60 locker room doors from the Clubhouse remodel
2016 – Kyle takes the truck back to the presidio and rescues 104 doors from the additional clubhouse remodel.


$65 a piece

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