1-1/8″x9.5″x79″ $70 per board.


1-1/8″x9.5″x 90″ $115 per board.


From our Supplier:

“In late 1940’s a lumberjack by the name of John Pierre started sawing oak in the north of Burgundy, France where his family have been the custodians of the sawmill ever since. John Pierre’s granddaughter, Laura, manages the mill today. When John Pierre started his mill, the old-growth timber was carefully selected by the woodsmen, milled by hand, left to season, and then air-dried for a number of years before being used to build. The French Oak now milled is selectively and carefully harvested making our sustainable forest products as legendary as the forests in which they grew. Any selection from our genuine French Oak products will continue the enduring traditions of France’s sustainable forests. France has been home to sustainable forest management for centuries, which means that French Oak has a noteworthy reputation as a certified sustainable hardwood.”


Planed and surfaced samples below, no finish.