Hundreds of feet of each available!

We tore apart a couple of building on the Dutch Slough out in Oakley for the California Department of Water Resources. The end result of this wonderful project will be opening the levees and letting the original inhabitants have their wetlands back!

Lot’s of wonderful information about this Restoration project can be found on this CA Government Website.

Oakley Dutch Slough Takedown Price List!

Rough Sawn Redwood 6”x6” – $18 / Linear Foot.

Redwood Barnwood 1”x10” – $5.42 / Linear Foot.

Redwood Barnwood 1”x12” – $6.5 / Linear Foot.

Corrugated Metal – $ 2.5 / Linear Foot.

Surfaced Douglas Fir 1.5”x7.25” – $3 / Linear Foot.

Rough Sawn Douglas Fir 2”x6” – $4.5 / Linear Foot.

Rough Sawn Douglas Fir 2”x9.5” – $7 / Linear Foot.

Rough Sawn Douglas Fir 2”x15” – $11.25 / Linear Foot.

Varying lengths.


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