New load of Hand Hewn Beams! SOLD OUT


We got 200 new Hand Hewn Beams in this month coming all the way from Wisconsin.


All of this material is being sold at $8/board foot. Each beam is individually priced and tagged and will be sold piece by piece.


Sizes as small as 5″x5″ and as big as 10″x10″. We’ve got lengths of 5′ all the way up to 34′ available. This particular load is from two distinct barns, one entirely Pine and the other Oak.

If you’ve been waiting for a set to do your beam wrapped ceiling job or if you wanted to do all the lentils in your house out of the same wood now is the time to come in and get a nice matched set of beams.

Photos below are of the “Stetson Barn” built from Pine that about 3/4 of our load is from: