Foppiano Wine Tanks

The end of an ERA – these are the last of the Foppiano Vineyards old growth redwood wine tanks.

In 1896 Giovanni Foppiano bought the Riverside Farm just south of Healdsburg and began Foppiano Vineyards

At this time, some of these tanks were already in existence see: http://foppiano.com/history/our-120-year-history/

All of the clear old growth redwood in these tanks was milled in Guerneville, CA and the last 509 staves are in the yard now – heritage and all!

Fopp tank 2 copy Foppiano tank Foppiano tanks

Aug._15_1926_Foppiano_Winery_-300x247 Children-in-Wagon-335-300x204 Foppianos_visiting_neighbors-300x216 truckpicLouis J.

Legendary Surfboard shaper Bob “Ole” Olsen got some sent all the way to Hawaii in order to make this amazing Redwood board, seen below.


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