Julia Butterfly

Our outreach department is headed by Miss Julia Butterfly Hill. You may have heard of the girl that lived in the tree named LUNA in Humboldt County, that was Butterfly. These video blogs are designed to promote conscious living and tips on how to lessen our impact on earth in our daily lives.

Julia draws on her years of experience to share her thoughts, feelings, and tips on everything to form a more thoughtful and conscious way of living. Inspiring us to keep our head up and hearts open during challenging times. Julia loves the many ways to nurture your soul and will share them with us from taking care of the land around us, to her favorite tips for eating and living healthier.  You can send in your thoughts and questions for fuel, and Julia will answer them in following episodes.

Thank you for taking the time to watch these video blogs. We encourage you to reach out to our outreach program, every choice counts.




    Slabs as big as 60″ wide and 22′ long and as small as 18″x18″! Primarily Guanacaste (aka...

NEW ARRIVALS – Wood Fiber Appliqués SOLD OUT! Dec 1

Wood Fiber Appliqués $5-$15 a piece depending on size. Lots of designs available. The boxes we have are 30 years...

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Redwood Fencing .75″x7.5″-8″x5′ $6 Each! 1200 Boards available as of 11/27