• Spalted burled chatoyance live edge slab with custom steel trestle base

  • Spalted burled chatoyance live edge slab with custom steel trestle base

  • Oak Trestle Table milled from Hand Hewn Beams

  • Parota

    Costa Rican Parota trestle table.

  • Redwood Bookmatch sealed in satin poly on a custom Trestle Base.

  • Old growth redwood and Western Red Cedar trestle table and bench set.

  • reclaimed wood table

    Rodney strong wine tank staves with a trestle base. 4'' box tube legs.

  • Crib Table cool metal banding around original grain elevator crib walls w hand hewn stretcher

  • Trestle table

  • Trestle Table made from the last of the Clydesdale Prohibition Wood

  • Clydesdale Tank wood table w leaf extensions!

  • Rough sawn Douglas Fir Trestle dining table.

  • Gun Blue Steel Heritage Trestle

  • Rough sawn Douglas Fir with a wine tank band base.

  • Grain Elevator Shiplap State Wall Art with Custom Slab Desk and Gold Water Tank Banded base

  • Old Growth Redwood Water Tank wood and steel banding bench with a teak oil finish and rusty gun blued steel base

  • Unique Trestle Table

  • Old Growth Fir Horse Stall Cribing with a teak oil finish. Photo taken by Barbara Pascoe.

  • Bookmatched Claro walnut slab on trestle base. Look carefully enough and you'll see where they grafted english walnut into the black walnut.

  • 15' Live edge Parota conference table with steel trestle base.

  • Fir Table Steel Trestle Table and Bench Set

  • Chicken Coop Old Growth fir framing lumber, Heritage Trestle Dining Table

  • Steel Trestle

  • Steel Trestle Table with Rodney Strong Tank Wood Table Top

  • Redwood Slab and Unique Steel Trestle

  • Reclaimed "Spreckles" Douglas Fir Trestle top and benches.

  • Foppiano Wine Tank Top With Custom Heritage Trestle Base

  • Old Growth Redwood Water Tank Wood with Budweiser Clydesdale inlay and water tank banding steel base.

  • Redwood Water Tank Wood With Water Tank Banding Steel Trestle

  • Reclaimed Douglas Fir trestle table tops and benches at Hopmonk in Sebastopol.

    Reclaimed Douglas Fir table tops and benches with Steel Trestles at Hopmonk in Sebastopol.

  • Douglas Fir with an aged patina makes a nice bench with water tank banding as a trestle base.

Trestle style legs and bases have been a popular style for ages, for good reason. As opposed to a leg in each corner, the trestle allows for many other seating options with the added stability of a stretcher bar from leg to leg. We build trestle styled tables all the time. Whether it’s wood joinery you’re after or something that’s rustic and unique, if you dream it we can build it!


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