We build floating stair treads and landings to your specks. Our reclaimed floor joists make great stair treads and go great with our reclaimed flooring. We have plenty of old joist and beams to choose from that can be custom finished for the perfect tread. If you come in with your specks we can find the right material for the job, share samples of finished product and give you a bid on the project. You can also send us an email with a reference photo and project guidelines so we can gets samples and a bid ready for you to finalize the job in person.



    Slabs as big as 60″ wide and 25′ long and as small as 18″x18″! Primarily Guanacaste (aka...

NEW ARRIVALS – FENCEBOARDS!!! .75″x8″x5′, over a thousand availible! Nov 27

Redwood Fencing .75″x7.5″-8″x5′ $6 Each! 1200 Boards available as of 11/27  

NEW ARRIVALS – Douglas Fir Roof Rafters 2½”x13″x18′-22′, Weed CA. Sep 6

Long Bell Lumber Co. Weed, CA.   Originally used for roof rafters at the Long Bell Lumber Co.  ...

September AAA Sale! Aug 30

Throughout September we’re selling the rest of the AAA plaster pieces at fabulous prices. Come on in soon to...