• A Robert Devlin special fence of reclaimed materials!

  • Dean Biersch at Hopmonk Taverns loves using shiplap fir for Beer Garden Fencing!

  • painted redwood fence

  • an eclectic selection of picket fences - from Wilson Pickett to painted picket!

  • Beautiful patina'd ranch fencing with Lichen, moss and weather!

  • milled offcuts from redwood trees made in to fencing

  • Kentucky Oak

  • Kentucky Oak Fence

  • Kentucky Oak Fence

  • Kentucky Oak Fence

From painted to patina’d we typically have recycled Cedar and redwood fence boards, reclaimed fence boards, grape stakes from 3’ to 6’. Hand split posts and reclaimed fence panels. These are also very popular items and stock empties quickly on occasion – please call for availability! 707 762-6277

Call to see what we’ve got in the yard! (707) 762-6277 
Lumber & building materials change daily. Images shown are representative only.



    Slabs as big as 60″ wide and 22′ long and as small as 18″x18″! Primarily Guanacaste (aka...

NEW ARRIVALS – Wood Fiber Appliqués Dec 1

Wood Fiber Appliqués $5-$15 a piece depending on size. Lots of designs available. The boxes we have are 30 years...

NEW ARRIVALS – FENCEBOARDS!!! .75″x8″x5′, over a thousand availible! Nov 27

Redwood Fencing .75″x7.5″-8″x5′ $6 Each! 1200 Boards available as of 11/27