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You know February is a month with a big heart in the middle of it – and at Heritage Salvage we try to practice that Big Heart all year round! We call it our LOC, or Line of Credit and it goes just like our sign this month

Now in the essence of the Art in the heART of salvage, that is something we love to practice too – LOVE makes the world go round and Cashflow makes it easier. I love what i do and i love my crew – a guy could not ask for a more caring and attentive group of artists – from our woodworkers, metal workers, sales and design staff to all our managers, We are blessed with a lot of great clients and we are now in over 100 restaurants and counting!

Come on by and have a walkabout and share your love and Passion with us – we love seeing what other folks do too! The rains have necessitated a lot of used billboards covering our stacks of sticks but we are still busy making, milling, designing and laughing . . .  and remeber folks – we are all in this together, one big round ball and everything is interconnected! Share your love, smile often and laugh more.

With Love from Heritage Salvage!

We have always continued down Reclamation Road here at Heritage Salvage, but my time got swept in to two Radio Shows, opening a store with my Daughter Suzy in Salmo and falling in love in Portland. As we pulled up our skirts around our lumber piles and began drying out from our blessed RAIN, we jumped in to January with a meaning. We love what we do! . . . and we don’t know slow!

Now when we take my wonderful crew of fabulous woodworkers, metalworkers, managers, sales and design staff and stir them together in the Heritage Family Pot, we get creative – and i love how this great group of folks treat all our wonderful customers. Not to mention the outside the box creativity and execution involved! Here is some of the fabulous timbers from Mare Island Shipyards being processed. Did you know that General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo himself named the Island. The story goes that one day some of General Vallejo’s animal stock was being moved across San Pablo Bay on a rickety old raft when a wind squall capsized it in the bay. One of the more prized passengers on board, a nameless old white mare saved herself by swimming ashore. She was discovered later living on the island. General Vallejo removed his horse and gave the island a new name, Isla de la Yegua, or Island of the Mare.

Here is a Kitchen Island made from Mare Island Fir. Building 221 was quite massive and had 3 mezzanine levels to work on different levels of the ships as the were pulled through the building on a track. This fir is beautifully Patina’d with circle saw marks and has hardened with age!

Now we also have an interesting collection of Parota Slabs, Parota being the National tree of Costa Rica and it grows so fast they can hardly keep up with it. Here is a Parota Waterfall, ready to flow in to someones desk space.

parota slab, live edge slab

. . . and here is a conference room table out of Parota.

I am glad to be back in Blogland and to have broken the Ice as it were for the first time in many moons – heres to Loving what we do!


michael bug

I left Monterey headed to Charlotte but took a two laner called Highway 220

i stopped to check out these waterfalls and ended up chatting with a gent who lives there whose great Grandmother owned the Land Grant Rancho Cabeza de Santa Rosa


shortly thereafter, i passed through Warm Springs and rolled by an immaculate golf course and discovered this stretch was called Sam Snead Memorial Highway


and then out of nowhere Hot Springs appeared with major Spa facilities, the Sam Snead Tavern and glitzy homes all around


a Little more small road meandering and it was time to head to Charlotte



Charlotte is a pretty cool town, especially in the NoDA neighborhood where my Fab Nephew Charlie and his wife Zoe live.


I never made it downtown, just hung with Charlie and played catchup although there are a lot of Breweries in his neighborhood i gifted him with a case of IPA


and then we went to Birdsong Brewery, bankrollers of his Cyclecross Team, where all the beers are named for songs – i enjoyed the Higher Ground IPA


Two Great Days with Yukon Chuck (i named him that in Dawson City Yukon when he was 5)

now off to Nashville!

Through West Virginia and the backroads it seems you can still feel all the guns and soldiers and battles of the Civil War. Beneath the Tranquility of my hike through Cheat Summit lays the spent lead and powder burns of many battles! IMG_6020

The Names of Robert E Lee, Col Albert Rust and many more echo through the Woods


Meanwhile the Leafers roll through the hills of West Virginia gaping at mile after mile of Autumns Watercolors

IMG_6041 IMG_6002 IMG_6051 IMG_5997

And at the end of an amazing Meander through beautiful countryside i park myself in the 111 year old Highland inn and wander through the tiny town of Monterey Virginia although “one of my political bent” avoids Politics in the Taverns as there are many a Confederate Flag a flying!

IMG_6067 IMG_6072

Now off to Charlotte NC but somehow i locked my keys in the car at the gas station and this mighty fine sherrif took care of me just fine!G0100226 G0100228now i am off to Charlotte with my go pro flyin!


There always seems to be a grand Presbyterian Church in these small Ohio Towns. There are many more churches than bars around here! (the opposite of Petaluma) in a town of 6500 there are 20 churches methinks! This is an amazing 1880 rendition!   IMG_7837


We keep a warehouse in Upper Sandusky and the always ready Brad tends to Daily business. We have a large collection of Hand Hewn Beams from barns around this part of Mid Ohio. Here’s brad with his Case of goodwill from our pals in Chicago/Petaluma


Here is our collection in the yard

IMG_5919 These below are 40 ft long


and wouldn’t we like to start this thing up!?


. . . and figure out what she does!

After running in to John Dillinger in Hammond Ohio it is fitting i bump in to Al Capone

The Speakeasy in Bucyrus, Ohio is the underground location where famous Mob Boss Al Capone and his cronies were known to hangout while in town. The hotel was built in 1916 and was named the Highway Hotel. During the 1920’s it was a popular spot for gangsters traveling from Chicago to New York and return trip. At that time there were tunnels under the city of Bucyrus and the tunnel in our Speak Easy still exists. Known today by the locals as the Notel Motel, it is beside the Crazy Fox Saloon as depicted in this Mandy Tudor shot!


This is the Lobby today




Bucyrus was founded by Samuel Norton. He arrived in this region in 1817. At that time, the area was unpopulated and occupied by a hardwood forest. The community was platted by Col. James Kilbourne, who named the town “Bucyrus.” The name of the city was derived from two words – “Bu” meaning “Beautiful,” and “Cyrus” in honor of the King of Persia, Cyrus the Great.


This one below is just outside of town and they are making it in to an event facility




And this is one of my favorite Gas Stations


All over the midwest there are ancient Graveyards that compel one to stop and immerse oneself in the history!


Rianna, my fellow Leafer poses on the newer side and across the street we wondered at this huge pile of ancient tablets and markers all broken over the years




I guess Molly’s Family have all moved on and are not aware of this broken piece of ancient memories and wishes!


As you may know the Bugster and Heritage Salvage have had an amazing relationship with Lagunitas Brewing Company and it continues to this day, 20 years later! After Hammond Indiana i returned to Lagunitas Chicago to grab some swag for my peeps and Dr Cerveza, Ron Lindenbush said the gang would throw in a few Road beers – Here is the Marvelous Ryan Dickerson taking care of me in the Swag Shop – she is so hip! And Jacks beautiful Cabinetry is done with Heritage Salvage Shiplap shipped from our Wisconsin warehouse!


This is the entry way Events Counter methinks . . . more shiplap from our Wisconsin warehouse – and then Wainscotting everywhere – the work is spectacular, nice job guys!







IMG_5910 IMG_5912





Here is the overview of the grand lounge, i will be back for a more extensive tour before i come home – great job, great design

way to go Tony and crew!



Meanwhile . . . Ron said a few road beers, this a plenty good few! i am out spreading the Lagu Love in the Midwest!


next – Heritage Salvage and Lagu hit Ohio!


Woke up in Hammond Indiana but first a couple of observations on SFO to ORD. Virgin America left late, then we waited on the tarmac at O’hare in Chicago for over 1/2 an hour but most importantly here, do not rent a car from Thrifty at O’hare – they advertise that they are in the Airport but all of the rental companies are a shuttle away. While the Alamo/National/Hertz/Avis etc shuttles came by to pick up passengers every few minutes, we waited about 35 minutes for the Thrifty Shuttle and then they are another 15 minute drive past where all the others are and 20 of us poured into the Rental Office and there was 2 people to handle everybody and one of them was on the phone with a problem the whole time. And arriving in Chicago during Friday rush hour not recommended either!

Hammond Indiana, in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area is home of the John Dillinger Museum. Armed with a fake wooden gun, the infamous gangster John Dillinger made a daring escape from the Crown Point County Jail in Northwest Indiana in 1934. Now, more than 80 years later, Dillinger has returned to Crown Point.


They say that someone carved the wooden gun on the streets of Chicago and his lawyer brought it in.


Heres Dillinger in court, he is actually considered responsible for creating the modern FBI, the national fingerprint database, launching J Edgar Hoover’s career and creating the Public Enemy #1 designation.


Now i am off back to Chicago to load up at Lagunitas and check out our wood in their Chicago establishment and then driving off to Bucyrus Ohio, I think there’s a Capone night club there!

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 8.32.05 AM


I am on the Airporter from Ptown to SFO and then flying to Chicago, rent an suv, with a brief stop at Lagunitas Swag Shop courtesy of my old pal Ron Lindenbusch (Dr Cerveza) to load up with goodies before i spend the night in Hammond Indiana. Hammond is just South of Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Gary. (as the song goes) Then off to Bucyrus Ohio for a couple days to check on our warehouse in Upper Sandusky, our miller in Bucyrus and meet up with one of the Na Na’s, Rianna the budding Archeologist who’s working outside Toledo Ohio right now. My trip kinda looks like this


only i take all the backroads between each of these stops! and the whole matter is subject to change after Charlotte NC depending on wood or warehouse or barn that pops out of our internet! I love being on the Road and taking you all with me!  There would be more stops in this but Google Maps quits at 10 – Here to entertain y’all and keep feeding the Heritage Salvage Machine – i have the best gang in the world shepherded by our wonderful Mother Hen Karen Dondero! Love you all