Trash to Treasure

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Trash to Treasure: From jaws of the excavator, Heritage Salvage founder Michael Bug Deakin rescues sustainable building materials from fate of landfill. Follow as we repurpose reclaimed wood into country furniture.

The Salvage King

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The Salvage King returns after recovering the family ring. He entrusts it to his Knights of the Wooden Tassels and they hand it to the precocious Princess Patina who chooses to give it to the beautiful Princess Na. While the King and Queen and their merry band celebrate there is treachery afoot . . .

Heritage Salvage For Rent

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There are an unlimited number of opportunities we all have to reuse, recycle and repurose. Heritage Salvage regularly creates and innovates with reclaimed wood and the materials that arrive in the Yard daily. Recently we had a delightful couple; Lindsey and John, arrive interested in creating a beautiful wedding arch out of reclaimed materials. Our… Read more »

Heritage Salvage Expands to Chicago

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Heritage Salvage brings Patina, Provenance and Planks to the Greater Chicago Area. Heritage Salvage now has two lumberyards within 5 hours of the city. We want Chicago to enjoy the benefits of reclaimed lumber, reclaimed flooring, hardwood flooring, hand hewn beams, barn siding and more! Reclaimed building materials and old wood are now available for… Read more »

Raysville, USA

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The town of Raysville is hurting . . . the factory’s gone, the last gas station closed, most of the residents left looking for work, population dwindled from over 2000 to 750. The Peterson farm is facing foreclosure. Miranda and Eli are trying to rebuild the last bar in town but it’s a can of… Read more »