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1-1/8″x9.5″x79″ $70 per board.   From our Supplier: “In late 1940’s a lumberjack by the name of John Pierre started sawing oak in the north of Burgundy, France where his family have been the custodians of the sawmill ever since. John Pierre’s granddaughter, Laura, manages the mill today. When John Pierre started his mill, the… Read more »

1 1/2″x5 1/2″ Redwood Decking

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We have a few hundred square feet of reclaimed redwood decking from a local resident in Petaluma. The material is 1 1/2″ thick 5 1/2″ wide and varies in length from 6′-15′. We are selling the material for $2.50 a lineal foot. Some Boards were ran thru a planer to expose the grain and others… Read more »

Redwood Barn Siding and Redwood Fir Mix Flooring

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Santa Rosa Chicken Coop 1×12 Redwood Barn Siding 6′-12′ lengths. Great to use on Rustic Barn doors, Farm Style Tables, Cabinet faces, interior or exterior siding, picture frames, and many other projects. $5.50 a square foot. This material sells fast so come on down while supplies last. our 3/4″x3 1/4″ redwood and fir mix tung… Read more »

September AAA Sale!

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Throughout September we’re selling the rest of the AAA plaster pieces at fabulous prices. Come on in soon to save your self a piece of this San Francisco history!   A wonderful article was written about our involvement in the saving of this building’s architectural elements here:    


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These slabs are from 2nd growth trees that were considered danger trees – plus the lovely forest will love the thinning. They were meticulously milled by the most fastidious of Sawyers – our friend Sean!   . . . and now three years later they are dry and coming to our yard – it’s the… Read more »

August Redwood Slab Sale!

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Redwood Slabs

August Redwood Slab Sale!   Beautiful local redwood slabs from out in Occidental. All different shapes and sizes, we’ll be getting in about 200 slabs from this same property. Board foot pricing will be dependent on slab size and will run from $6 per board foot for the smaller pieces up to $15 per board… Read more »


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Our shipping container from Hawaii is finally here! Hawaiian Slabs and dimensional lumber. Mango, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Lychee, Robusta, Monkey Pod, Ohia, Cinnamon, Acacia, Breadfruit, Norfolk Pine and many more! Slabs start at $10 per board foot and go up to $35. Dimensional lumber going for $8/board foot. Give us a call if you’re looking for… Read more »

NEW ARRIVALS – Oakley Dutch Slough barn takedown! Redwood Barnwood and Corrugated Metal.

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Hundreds of feet of each available! We tore apart a couple of building on the Dutch Slough out in Oakley for the California Department of Water Resources. The end result of this wonderful project will be opening the levees and letting the original inhabitants have their wetlands back! Lot’s of wonderful information about this Restoration… Read more »

NEW ARRIVALS – 1.5″ x 11″ Horse Stable Reclaimed Douglas Fir 20$ a stick!

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Horse Stable Douglas Fir $20 each! Douglas Fir from the stables of a local horse race-track here in northern California. 8′-10′ Lengths 1.5″x11’x8′-10′ The lightly sanded samples below from left to right are: Satin Water Based Poly, Dead Flat Water Based Poly, and Osmo Poly-X oil. The stables as they stood below. Heritage Salvage Custom… Read more »


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CALL FOR STRUCTURES! Let us tear down your storied structures for our TV show! We are looking for interesting and storied structures to deconstruct for our first season of a nationally televised reality show called Heritage Salvage. If you have something that you believe would be of interest, please contact us, whether it be large… Read more »

Oak Wine Flavor Sticks $0.50 each SOLD OUT

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Each Fan Innerstave set contains 20 square feet of wood, replicating 110% of the surface area of 225L barrel and providing similar extraction as a new premium oak barrel. The set is designed for easy attachment in wine tanks containing fan system hardware and can be applied in all phases of winemaking. Also providing wineries… Read more »

– Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood Interior and Exterior siding. SOLD OUT!

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Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood Originally constructed in 1950, the beautiful home of the Cope’s was fully clad out in phenomenal clear, vertical grain, Old Growth Redwood. Interior tongue and groove, 3/4″ x 5.25″ $5.75 a foot. Exterior shiplap, 5/8ths”x7″ish $5.75 a foot. Below is a sample of the interior tongue and groove. Below is the… Read more »

– 2½ x 5½ 1906 Old Growth Redwood Bleachers from the polo fields at Golden Gate Park SOLD OUT!

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2½x5½x48″-60″ 1906 Old Growth Redwood Bleachers from the polo fields at Golden Gate Park. $20 each. Special thanks to Park Superintendent David Iribarne, Project Engineer Garrett Peck and Job Foreman Savvas Halikas from Hoseley Corporation for this wonderful opportunity to keep this piece of history out of the landfill! The Gathering of the Tribes line up included… Read more »

– Sonoma State Pine Bleacher Board $1 PER FOOT

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Starting at $4.50 per board foot. Most are 3/4″x9″ and run $2.50/linear foot. 3/4″ Thickness Widths ranging from 5″-12″ Lengths up to 20′ Pine bleacher board from a gymnasium, the “wolves den” at Sonoma State. All metal has been pulled, most gum has been scraped, finger joints at the end of most boards.

I’m Back!!!

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We have always continued down Reclamation Road here at Heritage Salvage, but my time got swept in to two Radio Shows, opening a store with my Daughter Suzy in Salmo and falling in love in Portland. As we pulled up our skirts around our lumber piles and began drying out from our blessed RAIN, we… Read more »

– Cedar and Fir slabs

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Steve, our deconstruction specialist, cut these trees down in his backyard and had them slabbed up a couple years back. Nice and dry, ready to rock. Asking $10/ bd. ft. for the Fir Slabs, $12/ bd. ft. for the Cedar Slabs. Cedar is mostly 7′, Fir mostly 11′ in length. Both species average about 36″… Read more »

Windfall Maple Flooring

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Sustainable Hardwood Flooring Maple Tongue and Groove!   Our windfall maple Hardwood Flooring is brought to you from Wisconsin in varied width T&G, End Matched, Relieved and ready to lay. An added bonus is the majority of these flooring packages are offered in long lengths. (8-9 ft) Color and tone has been said to be similar… Read more »

– Foppiano Wine Tank Staves Almost Gone!

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Foppiano Wine Tanks The end of an ERA – these are the last of the Foppiano Vineyards old growth redwood wine tanks. In 1896 Giovanni Foppiano bought the Riverside Farm just south of Healdsburg and began Foppiano Vineyards At this time, some of these tanks were already in existence see: All of the clear old… Read more »

– Costa Rican Parota ~ SOLD OUT

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All the way from Costa Rica, kiln dried and surfaced Parota slabs! Parota, the national tree of costa rica, is a fast growing flowering tree in the pea family. Also known as Guanacaste or Elephant ear tree, Parota is highly sustainable in the fact that it grows so rapidly, with trunks reaching over a 9′ diameter… Read more »

Nu-Forest Fir Sale!

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Sustainably harvested Douglas Fir from Nu Forest out in Healdsburg. Varying shapes and sizes, come on in to take a look! Now sorted into 1″x and 2″x piles, with banded piles being HEAVILY discounted. Boneyard Sale! leftovers from a sawmill 50¢ a board foot. 1×2,4,6,12’s to 2×2,4,6 etc – make offer on banded bundles! First… Read more »

We want your corrugated metal!

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Heritage Salvage needs your Rusty corrugated metal!   We buy used corrugated; whether we come and get it or you bring it to us.   Please contact us with photos, dimensions, quantity, location and any history you have on your tin. The rustier the better!   We can be reached at or (707) 762… Read more »