• Hand hewn installed in the early stages of new construction

  • Hand Hewn beams mostly originate from the midwest

  • a finished HH beam w clearcoat

  • HH cleaned, sealed, ready for delivery

  • Custom fabricated trusses for Mayacamas

  • We fabricated the steel ties and pre made the trusses before install

  • Hand hewn truss of 10x10's spanning 28'

  • truss detail

  • The steel plates were 1/4" and through bolted with old time squarehead bolts

  • Beam wrap milled in proprietary HS style, the seams are invisible

  • Beam Wrap

From ancient barns in Wisconsin and Ohio, we have a great selection of Hand hewn beams from 6×6 to 12×12’s from short to very long. Hand hewn up to 40’. Sleepers (two hewn sides) up to 12×16 and 40’ long. These come in many species from White Oak to Elm, Ash, Chestnut, Heart Pine and Hickory.

Hand-hewn beams may become structural support, accents or shelving. All materials are delivered with their unique story.

See what La Rosa Tequileria & Grille in Santa Rosa did with hand hewn beams as shelving in thier tequila bar.

Download Hand Hewn Beam Spec Sheet Here


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